Foodniks is a breakfast, lunch and dinner restaurant serving beer & wine, central to Tiburon and Mill Valley just off the 101 in Marin County, California. We offer hand-crafted, locally sourced comfort food daily, in a warm, quick-service neighborhood cafe, for eating in or take-away convenience. Our revolving exhibitions feature local artists and photographers.

foodnik  -  'füd-nik

"Someone for whom food and eating are main joys of living and are

full of sacral significance"

The Original foodnik:

Hi, I'm John, the chef and owner of Foodniks. Food and eating have been my main joys of living for as long as I can remember. As a youngster, I was never really allowed access to my mom's kitchen, and that's understood. I reveled in crafting grilled cheese sandwiches when my folks were out for the night, my sisters preoccupied with whatever sisters do. I fondly remember my dad's proclivity for amazing cheddar cheese, and we always had some pretty decent upstate New York bread and butter on hand. Complete griddled joy! ( I always left Mom's kitchen spotless.)


Since my "middle" sister totally rocked her job prepping and cooking at a local family restaurant, I was fortunate by association to land a gig as busboy/dishwasher at 16. I was jamming out breakfast, lunch and dinner on the hot line before long, and my life's journey as a devotee of "Cuisine Americana" was full throttle.  


Jump and skip to journeyman chef, then culinary school, and an amazing run as chef/owner of the Meetinghouse in San Francisco. Next up, a wonderful marriage, two really terrific kids, suburban realities and the purchase of a long-standing deli and catering business in Tiburon, all setting the stage for Foodniks.

California is a marvelous food nirvana, yet I still hanker for my hometown comforts. In autumn, those brightly crisp, sweet-tart apples have no equal, and the just-cooked, warm cider donuts? Incomparable. Spring would eventually come, and Mom would make rhubarb pie from Dad's garden crop. Fourth of July, we hand-cranked ice cream on the back porch. Freshly picked parsley and mint galore, carrots pulled from the earth, cukes, zucchini, crazy fragrant melons. Fun! These are things of comfort. Simple. Essential. 

And significant. As foodniks, we all bring our own histories and perspectives to the table and enjoy them communally, festively and hopefully often. Many thanks for the opportunities! 

"To eat, to enjoy, to go!"

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